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But that begs the question.
Why do you choose subjects
that require nudity?
For me I would say it is a curiosity thing, especially this last series on ladyboys. Trying to figure who they are, what there lives are like why they are the way the are. If on the other hand your doing a series of portraits of a lover it is not like your seeking nudity out, it is part of the flow of an honest loving relationships, so your just recording the reality of your lives together.

It also a search to find subjects for portraiture which are visually strong.

Richard Avedon said that what he looked for in a portrait subject was "Someone who held a wall" which meant he looked for subjects that were visually and emotionally strong, subjects that would hold the viewers eye in the gallery or museum. They could not leave, they had to stare and think and stare some more. A strong visual subject could draw and hold the viewer.

I think part of my reason for shooting ladyboys is a curiosity into who they are, the other part is trying to find subjects that I am in interested in and that will hold the wall.