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One of the my friends who views nude work often brought up that word also VULNERABLE.....

Maybe that is why those images from the contacts stand out, especially for the subjects I have more compassion for (lady sex workers).

I think you have something there, photographing someone nude shows their vulnerabilty and ours also.

If you want to make a portrait that shows compassion and vulnerabilty for the subject then if you do it right the nudity can help do that.
the people you photograph are some of the most vulnerable in
society. their job is very dangerous on many different levels.
their being photographed without clothing, while it shows them
for who they are, it also shows us there is nothing protecting them
from the people they service. i don't know if it shows our vulnerability,
other than we too are human &C ... and we too can be on the street
if something drastic ( or maybe not so drastic ) happens, and who
knows what we might be forced to do to survive ...