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I am currently using Durst AC707B+W enlarger. When making big enlargements, I find that the closeness of the enlarger head (i.e. the lens axis) to the column prevents me using the full area of the neg. Does anyone know if Durst make an extension bracket to overcome this problem? Cheers, BLIGHTY.
I have the M707 version of this enlarger. I don't think such a bracket has ever been made. To overcome this problem I unbolted the column from the base board and refixed it in reverse. I was then able stand the enlarger on a table, with weights on the baseboard, and project down to floor level. Not an ideal long term solution, but solved my problem of producing 60 x 40 inch prints fro 35mm. Alternatively maybe you could twist the head through 90 degrees and project onto a wall. Apart from that I can only say good luck and remember to find some large dishes, or in my case, drum.