Hello everyone,
For the last year or so I've been thinking about getting a 6x7 camera. This week I had an extra gig so I've got a little bit of fun money and I've decided to go ahead and go for the 6x7. I've always assumed that I would just get Pentax 67, but over the past few days I've started re-thinking it. Suddenly I'm intimidated by the weight, and I'm afraid that I would spend the money and never use it. This is just my hobby, and I spend a lot on paper and other stuff, so the camera itself can't be too pricey, otherwise I won't be able to print! So in other words, I can't afford the Mamiya 7, and I'm sure it's a fantastic system, but it's not an option for me right now.

I currently use an F100 and a Rolleiflex. I guess I generally shoot landscapes, but would also shoot portraits, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I almost exclusively shoot black and white. I like to throw my cameras in my camelback and shoot while we're out snowshoeing or hiking, or just have my nikon around my shoulder while I'm XC skiing...and while I have a couple of zooms for my nikon, my most used lenses are my 50mm and my 18-35mm. I make my husband carry the tripod.

I like the convenience of 35mm, and I like the beauty negs from my Rolleiflex, and I'm thinking about 6x7 for a specific project where I'd love a big negative, but don't see it in square. I'm not interested in 6x4.5, and I already have the 6x6 format, so here are my thoughts about the different 67 systems I've thought about, and I would love to hear from anyone who owns them, has tried them, or if there's anything I haven't considered.

Pentax 67- everyone I've talked to that has one says that it's a great camera, but it's a beast. I think all of them have in fact used the word beast. I'm not a small girl, but I tend toward wimpy hands/wrists sometimes, and while I know that all 6x7 cameras are going to be heavy, I'm a little intimidated. If I get one I'm intending to get the 67 version rather than a 6x7 version just because it will be newer and hopefully not need immediate cla or repairs. Is that silly? I also would want a 90mm and 45mm lens. Since I mostly just shoot b&w, the lack of interchangeable backs doesn't bother me. I would also get the wood hand grip, and while I have a spot meter, I'd probably still try to get a metered prism, just because. Also, while I think I want the 90mm lens, all of the kits on KEH right now come with the 105, is that a decent lens?

Fuji Gw670 any version-I don't know anyone who has one. I've read that they're light, which interests me, and while my Rolleiflex doesn't have interchangeable lenses and I don't really feel limited by that, I think I'd like that option, particularly on the wider end. I've also never used a rangefinder. But I am very curious about this camera...and curious about the 690 as well, so please feel free to offer opinions.

Mamiya RB-I think this is probably too heavy for what I have in mind. I think I could find one locally to look at in person, at least, but I don't know much about this camera. It just doesn't strike me as a "throw it in my camelback and go out on skis" kind of camera. (I realize that probably no 6x7 really is.) But I'm very interested in anyone's opinions, and the rotating back thing does intrique me.

Bronica gs-1-I'm *very* curious about this camera, but it seems like there aren't as many people using them out there. It's lighter, so I'm interested, but don't know anyone who has one, and so can't see one in person. Are the lenses good? As good as the Pentax? I know there aren't as many focal lengths to choose from, but again I don't really use the longer lenses that much. I'd probably go with the 50mm and 100mm. Do people prefer the grip on the bronica or not?

I think at this point my preference is probably Pentax first, then Bronica, but I'm just working through all my thoughts and trying to balance it all out, probably over-thinking it, too. And a lot of my indecision has to do that with the Bronica I would just be ordering one sight unseen without knowing anyone personally who has owned one and can give recommendations or not.

As far as buying, I'm looking at KEH mostly, ebay secondarily.

Anyway, I know posts like this are annoying, thank you very much for bearing with me. It's probably going to be helpful just having written it all down, maybe ow it won't echo around inside my empty ole head all day now.
Thanks again for your time,