I was thinking about using Ansco 130 as a general purpose print developer in my new darkroom setup and came across this excellent thread from a few years back that I'd forgotten about. The Moderators and the Council have been talking about looking for good threads like this one on popular topics and making them easier to find by sticking them, and I think this one qualifies--

Ansco 130 is a popular developer either as a homebrew formula or as a kit from Photographer's Formulary. The formula is included in the thread. There's not too much off-topic meandering. There are detailed reports from longtime users, and there's an excellent test from Sandy King comparing Ansco 130 to amidol for Azo.

If anyone comes across other threads that have these qualities, please let the moderators know, and we'll take them into consideration. We don't want so many sticky threads that they get lost, but the real gems belong at the top of the list.