I've had the Pentax 67II with 55mm and 135mm for several years. It was a good camera, though not light at all. It is intended to be shot off the tripod, but is also manageable handhold. I was rather content with it, but a year ago it broke down (unrepairable). Since, I have acquired the Fuji GW 690 II and have not looked back a moment. This is the camera to choose, or if you like the 6x7cm aspect ratio, then the 670 version.

If you say you prefer wider view, you can also choose the GSW 670. It has a 65mm lens, which is wide, but not too much. The only downside is, that it's only f:5.6 lens, so might be too slow at moments. I've had the GSW 690 for some time, it has the same lens, and the sharpness of the 65mm lens was excellent. (As is the 90mm).

The only real downside of the Fuji rangefinders is the lack of builtin meter, although I have managed to guess the exposure at times well (and have learned to use that judgment for my LF shooting as well).