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I'd like to know how it is that as soon as a woman gets her tits out, photographic voyeurism is somehow coverted into art. Is it not true that the word art is used as a metaphor for voyeurism or erotic. So what exactly is "Fine Art" about photographing nudes? If this offends you, then console yourself in the knowledge that I'm too stupid to understand. Did I say console? Perhaps I meant delude.
You seem to be unable to intellectually distinguish between the sexual and the aesthetic. Actually, and perhaps more tellingly, you insist upon placing equally negative moral judgments upon both, when neither requires moral judgment. I would question the emotional honesty and/or the sexual orientation of anyone who did not have SOME erotic response to a nude of the opposite gender.

A well-executed nude that uses light, posing and composition to provoke an aesthetic response that moves beyond the sexual is Fine Art. A pornographic image uses light, posing and composition to ensure that the only response is sexual.