You're getting lots of good advice. I'll throw mine in for what it's worth. I've had 2 different P67 systems at 2 different times. In the middle I had the big Mamiya Universal system 6X7 and 6X9. Then I moved on to 4X5 and larger. When the grandbabies came along I wanted some of the spontaneity of a smaller camera but still with the creaminess of a larger format. That's when I bought the second of the 2 6X7's. I paid $1500 iirc for camera and 45 90 165 300 lenses. To make a real long story short, it was and is imho just too big to be very spontaneous. i sold it for a decent profit and bought a wee little Minolta Autocord for like $65 bucks. Bingo. That little camera can be around my neck all day and it's lighter than the Nikon 35's. And the little Rokkor 75mm f3.5 is just superb. So as far as I'm concerned I have my cake and my cash and eat it too. The Yashicamat 124G is far more common than the Autocord and perhaps just as good. They're a great way to test the waters for 120 format rollfilm without spending ++1K and lugging around a boat anchor. If you're dieing to spend a little more $$ there are some lovely Rollei's to be had. Think Imogen Cunningham. Get Don Normark's book Chavez Ravine. It knocks my socks off, and he did those pics with a little Ciro-Flex 6X6 camera that won't fetch $18 on Ebay these days.