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Nice to know we have a peer of the realm amongst us. Pop over to Windsor often for tea in the Waterloo Chamber?
I wrote that rather late at night. In the cold light of day it occurs that it was possibly a bit obscure...

"Honi soit qui mal y pense" : Evil be to he who evil thinks (or summat like that)... Taken in context of the Order Of The Garter, it means do not go around assuming the worst of others.

I was suggesting it be taken up as a motto by those who can only attribute the most basest of instincts to all nude image making.

Well, I do live less than ten miles from Windsor Castle... Unfortunately, neither Her Maj nor Prince Chas has invited me around yet. There can only be (I think) 24 Companions of the Garter at any one time so I'll probably have to wait for Maggie Thatcher to drop off her perch before getting the Royal nod...

Cheers, Bob.