So I am official here now. Just finished my first run at a darkroom, and just finished my first prints from it last night. The darkroom is setup in my master bathroom and so far its going to work out quite nicely. Its great to be here, I had a question on the chemicals and ventilation and the responses I got were helpful and informative. What a great community. I took a photo I course at my university, and got hooked on the process of analog B&W. I am excited to be an active member of this user group and just glad to be here doing some B&W Photography. Most my stuff is on my flickr site:

I shoot mostly my film stuff as of late with my seagull tlr. I have two holgas, and an old 35mm rebel.

(Everything is there so its got good stuff and just a place to hold any photo I've taken). My "fine art" website is in the works, and if there is a forum to post websites I will post it there when finished (Being ones own web developer is quite handy).

So glad to be here everyone!