Before reading Ole's fine article I had made up a very similar rapid fixer from my old photolab index. It has worked nicely for me. Here is the formula:
Water @ 125F 600 ml
hypo 360 grams
Ammonium Chloride 50 grams
Sodium Sulfite 15 grams
28% Acetic Acid 47 ml
Boric Acid crystals 7.5 grams
Potassium Alum 15 grams

I omitted the Potassium Alum since I was using it for paper. I have been using it in 2 consecutive 30 second baths and then rinsing in water and allowing the prints to sit in 4% Sodium Sulfite solution until ready for batch washing. The washing is then carried out at a very slow flow rate for 2 hours in a Paterson print washer. Following that the wash the prints are bleached, rinsed and toned in thiorea as fully as possible and given a 1/2 hour wash. This has worked even better for me as far as stains and ruined prints then what I achieved using Kodak HE1 hypo elimator formula.

I am not the least bit surprised to see such a fine recipe coming from the Norway Knight of daylight photography.