Bumping this up again. So far over 36 have let Per alone know they are going, and I have several that have told me they are going. This looks to be the biggest workshop gathering yet. Most are apuggers that have said they are going.

Per told me that J&C has offered a 20% discount to those attending. If you want and your flying in, I'm staying at the Best Western in Springdale. Have your film/supplies shipped there care of me, and I will hold them for you. There is a pro shop in St. George that can process any of the film we do if you need that done. I will have my set up to do 4x5 sheets with me.

With the recent changes in the weather be sure to have layers. We could get anything from snow to sunshine. If it snows, it is awesome. The snows melt by noon, and create mists on the Mt. tops as they melt.

I'll take you from places with waterfalls to old pioneer forts. The ghost town they shot the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is only a couple of miles from where we will be staying. On top of Cedar Mt. there is a very good bristlecone pine forest. The first breaks are wilder than Bryce Canyon, and a lot closer. There is so much around, you won't have enough time in just one week.