Oh, dear, Frank! That isn't what I would hope to hear. My Panoram is a No. 1 also. And as I indicated, the mechanism (i.e., the metal parts) isn't working properly . . . it either doesn't move at all, or it creeps a very short way into its swing (approx. 10-15 degr. of its 112 degree arc) then stops.

There must be some way to work on those things, and maybe one has to "unglue" the top or front panel to get to the mechanism. Back in the early 1990's Ed Romney completely overhauled one, and I tried to buy it but couldn't come up with the money and someone else bought it. I started looking for rebuilders at camera shows (in the DC area) and Ed sent me an 8 to 10 page essay (with lots of sketches) he had written up on how to check out one when buying and how to refurbish one.

Anyhoo, I bought a Panoram that worked great so I never had to work on it. Later I got into a money bind and sold the camera to Jessie Newberry, a camera repairman & collector there in Arlington, VA. I guess I gave him the repair instructions along with the camera as I don't seem to have them any more. Ed is deceased, but his wife still sells his camera repair books, & it appears that he never published those repair instructions.

So Here I am (and you, too) puzzled about how to work on these things. Sigh! For both of our sakes, I hope some Panoram repair expert stumbles across this thread and tells us the secrets of working on Panorams! : )