The only "apples-to-apples" alternative (M mount, A priority, TTL flash) is the Minolta CLE. Great camera at a decent price (between $450 and $900 depending on condition and seller). It's not the camera I'd recommend as a first or only M mount camera, but it IS the ONLY M mount I'm aware of with all the features of the M7. I keep reading the board in them is unreliable, but I carted one all over Afghanistan and it still shoots like it's new. If I were buying another RF anytime soon, it would be another CLE.

The CLE will not take a motor and will not meter in manual, so there are differences - including build quality, but you get what you pay for (this is a thread about cheaper alternatives, right?).

One you might consider as well is the Konica. They seem to be well made and are selling for a decent price on the used market. Probably a few new ones out there if you look around. I'd buy a Konica RF if I stumbled across one.

Jeff M