Let's get one thing straight.

Mark Hama is one of the best repairmen in the business.

For some cameras out there, he is the ONLY repairman in the business. That keeps him a bit busy.

He isn't good about email - that's true for lots of repairmen. But there's a phone number listed on his website and if you call it, he'll gladly and pleasantly speak to you for as long as you like - letting you know how your camera is, what position it is in line, etc.

I send him my collectibles and he takes care of them for me. He brought back to life a dead Minolta XK Motor I bought for parts. When he was done with it it was a MINT condition example I promptly sold for 7 times what I'd paid for it.

If you don't use Mark, that just means my cameras will come back that much quicker - and that you lost out on one of only four repair persons in the country I trust.

Jeff M