I just bought a Ricoh Five One Nine off ebay for about a quarter. 45mm f1.9 fixed lens having 6 elements ..seikosha shutter
Trigger rapidwind thing
Neat. The lens should be decent enough

The real find though is the Foth Derby I was given for free (II, I guess)
It's a sweet little camera.

I can't put the thing down!
I've only done some initial testing trying to find a way around 127 film and the damn f3.5 lens is sharp
I did a little test with a target last night using this foth, zuiko, rokkor, xenon and industar

Zuiko seems sharpest (loupe on neg) followed closely by the industar and rokkor
Foth RIGHT there ..and I did the test wide open at F3.5 instead of 5.6 for the others ..and scale focused -though I had the 7 foot distance pretty much translated
Xenon I have to redo as it's not as sharp as the others - extremely probable quick release issue

modify the Derby to take 35mm somehow
adapt the lens for Leica mount