Oriental Seagull graded papers, occasionally Ilforbrom Gallerie graded. I stay away from VC papers. They tend to not have the same impression of depth and richness as graded papers. I do not miss the convenience of VC nor do I want to spend the money on a VC head. My last project, 90% of my negatives printed as I wanted on #2 Oriental Segull, which, by the way, tones very nicely.

The best paper I ever used was the old Ilfobrom back in the 1970's. Great paper that responded very well to different developers and additives and toned very richly.
I used to use Zone VI graded but that is now discontinued. Great paper that had great seperation in the zone 1 to 4 range, infact all the way around. But once Fred Picker sold out to Calumet, the quality died. Eventually, so did Fred.

RC papers are taboo for fine art. What did some one say about Clyde Butcher? That he nearly went broke having to reprint many of his RC prints because they were deteriorating? Apparently, RC papers are not archival. But RC does have commercial value when large quantities of prints are needed and permenence are not a factor.