Well, I ended up buying two 50 sheet boxes of the 8x10 Kodak 64T Electronic Output film, and five 50 sheet boxes of 8x10 Kodak 64T EPY 6118 film, all for $10 per box.

I haven't tried the Electronic Output film yet, but I've already tested the EPY 6118. I took a couple of pictures of my darkroom and processed them in my Jobo. This film expired in 2000, but it seems perfectly fine in my inexperienced judgement. Lovely, in fact, although I don't have any fresh film to compare it with. In truth, I've never shot LF transparency film before, so I really don't know what to look for. All I know is that this stuff is almost unbelievably beautiful when you look at it on a light box.

I also picked up 17 of the 20 sheet boxes of Fuji Astia RAP 4x5 Quickload film for $10 each. They expired in February of 2004 and were kept refrigerated, so I'm sure they'll be good enough for me to play with.

Had all this film been fresh and sold at current B&H or Adorama prices, it would have cost $3705.00. I don't feel so bad paying $240.00 for it.