Dang, I must have timed out just as I sent my earlier reply, as I had to leave for a spell, and when I returned to the computer, there was no reply showing.

There are some Panorams that have various gears and other parts on the bottom of the swing lens shaft. The additional mechanism was added to allow one to slow the swinging lens down when needed such as on cloudy or overcast days or when using slow speed film. There were also some special Panoram models with other custom features, including a small number built with Goerz Dagor lenses (rather than the RR's of the first models and meniscus lenses of later ones).

Anyhoo, I got hold of Ken Ruth at Bald Mountain Camera Repair ( and he is e-mailing me some info on his Panoram service charges. So, if I can afford it, I think I will send me camera out to him rather than go to work on it with my vice grips and ball peen hammer.

I hope you come through the hurricane ok.