As there is no real place to ask this in the regional sub-forum, So I've placed it into the Miscellaneous section and now some of the regional sub-forums where there is usually a lot of activity.

At any rate, Last winter I was talking to a few folks at the MN sub zero winter gathering in Northern MN, and again at Bill Schwab's Photostock event in Michigan this summer. There is some interest in setting up an International trip to Cornwall England for a photographic tour of that region of the country. I am proposing setting up and leading a trip to that area of the country as I know it quite well from previous trips and because my family lives down there. I know of at least 4 current US based and 1 UK based APUG'ers that are willing to participate in this trip. I am opening it up for others to express their interest in meeting up and or tagging along for this excursion.

For the US contingent, I am thinking that a relatively easy sized group to manage would be no more than 12 people as we could split up into 3 vehicles allowing room for luggage and gear. Again this is all tentative at the moment. However, it does need to be looked at, thought over and prepared for by all interested parties to make sure expectations are understood. Logistically, this should be an easy trip, but making it so it fits peoples schedules, budgets, and what they hope to get out of it is where it becomes a potential minefield to plan around.

That said, I was thinking of a May/June timeframe in 2010, when Cornwall can be a wonderful place to explore at that time. No firm date and duration of trip is fixed yet at this time, and I will wait until I get a good feel of general interest before we move onto the hard part of selecting dates, locations to visit, places to stay etc.

I also realize that there are some current APUG'ers local to that neck of the woods and it would be good to see and meet them aswell as any other APUG'ers in the UK, Europe, or anywhere else for that matter participate in this gathering if they wish to tag along??

So with that said, please let me know if you are interested. Either respond to this thread, or PM me and I will start to generate a list of potential participants.

Fingers crossed this makes it off the ground, I am confident we can do this and I think it would be good opportunity for us to come away with some spectacular images.