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One of the tough things about the subject is that theoretical descriptions are full of assumptions and simplifications, just to make the problem tractable. On the other hand, it leaves plenty of room for experimental discoveries. :-)

...it's intriguing enough that I have started to assemble filters and film for some initial tests. The work gets shunted onto the back burner all too often though, so I'd love to hear of anything anyone else tries.


It is very interesting!

Things behave sort of strange when very small!*

I think I will pull out my notes from what I read last year and see if you can make any sense out of them for me!

While different from what you described, let me just mention that if anyone reading this happens to know what happened to, or the whereabouts of a Joseph Boudreau, I would still like to contact him.

Joseph Boudreau had doing some work with Color Daguerrotypes the last I heard, but it seems he moved or something.....


Did they bend Laser Light?:

Have you seen or read about how laser light can be bent as it travells through a special (< 1nm) nanotech plastic? I just caught a glimse, but it looked like they digitized the analog curve so that laser light can be made to appear to bend.