Well, phooey! I couldn't wait for Ken Ruth of Photography on Bald Mountain (surprised his name isn't Mussorgsky - maybe he's too Modest for that) to send me his price info, so I boxed the Panoram up today and shipped it to him out in California.

So, hang tight guys, as I am the guinea pig here. We'll see how well Ken does, how much it costs, and how long it takes him to fix it. Of course, for me the big risk is the cost, as I am just a flunky with the county solid waste (read: garbage and recycling) department, so my shekels are few in number and hard earned! As folks in the hills say, I bought a pig in a poke . . . I've committed myself to pay for repairs with no clue as to what that cost will be . . . and this for a Panoram that is pretty ragged looking and probably not worth over $150 - $200 in perfect operating condition!

Oh, well, no common sense here. Maybe that's why I am a flunky! Largo al Factotum.