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So after using Ansco 130 for a few days, I'm really pleased. The prints look snappy, and there's something to be said for the convenience of a developer with a long tray life. It's great being able to pop into the darkroom and make a couple of prints without all the setup and mixing chemistry every time. I'll still use amidol for some things, but I think I'll be keeping a tray of Ansco 130 filled for general use.
Yes, David...Ansco 130 is a superb print developer. Even Ansco 120, the soft working lower contrast dev is amazing, too.

Another developer with super-long tray life is Ethol LPD, and the tones are wonderful as well. A nice feature of LPD is the fact that you can get warmer tone by increasing the dilution, with no change in contrast. A great parlor trick!