F3HP, F2 Photomic. The F3 is a more recent acquisition, I've had the F2 for quite a while. The F3 would have to be the most versatile 35mm SLR I've ever owned.

Since I'm a amateur, I don't require other features like higher flash sync and autofocus. I have a motor drive for the
F3 but seldom use it.

The F3 is lightweight and has a AE feature which turns it into more of a snap shooter when I want it. My F2 still works perfectly, but has become a little precious to me, so gets used on occasion. The F3 gets the brunt of the 35mm work.

I've been told that the F4 may have an edge when shooting slides, so I am considering one, but I think for the most, part I'd still shoot the F3.

I wear glasses so the F3HP appealed to me, but since I like to get my eye close to the finder I since bought a diopter and a eyecup. So the idea of the non "HP" version may be a consideration.