While I would love a Jobo Expert drum, the cost is too much for now. I have just recently experimented with a Nikor 4x5 tank and the results are great. Good even development and all but loading is in daylite which I prefer. Did a lot of research and talked to several people that have had long term success with it before I chanced my first load.

I have tried trays, good results but to long sitting in dark shuffling along. I have tried home made tubes, same problem but have to refix. Settled on Unidrum before the Nikor with great results if I only processed two sheets at a time (couldn't stop the negs from overlaping when I processed 4). I have never used Yankee or Combi as many warned against them.

Many have warned against the Nikor tank also, but so far so good and I am excited to be able to process up to 12 sheets at a time in daylite. However I have only done three loads so far so there may be a snag down the line which will change my attitude.

Almost forgot, have also used Polaroid 55 but my 545 doesn't hold film flat at roller end and that bugs me when the cost is higher per neg.