I have not tried these, but since people are experimenting with Ansco 130 as a film developer, they seem to be of potential interest. These come from The Morgan & Morgan Darkroom Book, ed. Algis Balsys and Liliane DeCock-Morgan (Dobbs Ferry, NY: Morgan & Morgan, 1980), pp. 152-55. The book has some obvious typos, like a recipe for Agfa #12 that leaves out the developing agent, so if anyone can confirm these from other sources, that would be helpful.

Agfa #8--Normal Contrast Glycin Developer

Warm water 52 C--750 ml
Sodium Sulfite, desiccated--12.5 g
Glycin--2.0 g
Potassium Carbonate--25.0 g
Add cold water to make 1.0 liter

Development time for ASA 100-125 films is 10-12 min. at 20 C

Agfa #72--Soft working developer

Water 52 C--1.0 liter
Sodium Sulfite (anhydrous)--125 g
Glycin--50 g
Potassium Carbonate--250 g

For tank development, dilute 1+10 and develop at 18 C for 15-20 min.
For tray development, dilute 1+4 and develop at 18 C for 5-7 min.

Gevaert GD-202

Metol--1.0 g
Sodium Sulfite--32.0 g
Glycin--0.5 g
Hydroquinone--0.5 g
Sodium Carbonate--28.0 g
Potassium Bromide--1.5 g
Citric acid--1.0 g
Water to make 1.0 liter

"If exposure has been correct, the film will be properly developed in 10-12 minutes."

Kodak D-78

Water--750 ml
Sodium sulfite (anhydrous)--3.0 g
Glycin--3.0 g
Sodium carbonate (mono)--7.2 g
Water to make--1.0 liter

The average development time is 15 to 25 min. at 18 C.