dfcardwell started a thread on Edwal 12 a short time back: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/5...xperience.html

I've been using it with Eastman XX 5222. It uses PPD, Glycin, and metol. Edmund Lowe, in his notes advises that the developer was intended for flat midwestern light, which means it's pretty good up here in the Pacific NW, since we have lots of overcast. The glycin is variable between 2.5 and 20 g, depending on the particular highlight characteristics desired. I'll be doing more work with this, and probably some comparisons with more conventional developers and using more easily available films that occur in a wider variety of formats.

I'd certainly be interested in what others find using other formulae; I'm particularly interested in the designation "soft working developer" for Agfa 72. "Soft working" has not been in my experience at all. Perhaps there is an additive effect among the three developing agents in E12, but the overwhelming fact of this stuff is that it loves to build contrast. Glycin seems to be the agent that has the greatest effect on the highlights. Today, for example, I shot some in bright early morning sun reflected on a metal building; I am NOT going to process it in E12, because I know it will kick those whites right off the scale and I'd have a very hard time holding them at all.