Thanks for the formulas, David. I have a few more culled from some photo lab books in French I picked up in Brussels, but they call for exotic components like Diethylparaphenylenediamine sulfite (or sulphate, itís not clear) and hydroxyethyl-o-aminophenol.

Hereís one thatís stated to be a compensating developer:

Sodium Sulphite 40 grams
Potassium Carbonate 40 grams
Glycin 8 grams
Phenidone 0.5 gram
Potassium Bromide 2 grams
Water 1000 ml

Dilute 1:1, average time of development at 20 degrees Centigrade: 8-12 minutes.

Another, somewhat similar, formula is said to be fine grain and come from Ilford:

Sodium Sulphite 90 grams
Sodium Carbonate 2 grams
Borax 2 grams
Glycin 5 grams
Phenidone 0.2 gram
Water 1000 ml

Used straight, average time of development 8 minutes.

An alternate formulation also said to be from Ilford, in a different book, as follows:

Hot water 700 ml
Borax 2 grams

Then, with water at 50 degrees Centigrade, add in order:

Sodium sulphite 70 grams
Sodium carbonate 2 grams
Glycin 5 grams
Phenidone 0.2 gram
Water to bring level to 1000 ml

For a gamma of 0.65, develop 11 minutes at 17-18 deg Cent, or 9 minutes at 18-19 degrees. (NB: no explanation as to why theyíre staying below 20 deg Cent) Further, can be diluted 1:1 and used at 20 deg Cent for 8-9 minutes for slow-speed films.