I did my little test again ..this time at 3 1/2ft f9
Zuiko sharpest
on standard 3 bar test target Zuiko reads somwhere in the 100+ range counting all bars before too mushy to truly discern
Foth reads around 85 bars
Xenon reads about the same

Foth has less contrast than the Xenon
Foth reminds me of a 20's-30's kind of sharpness
Xenon looks 50's sharp
Zuiko has a 70's-80's professional sharpness with touch of dreamy
technical terms

Foth and zuiko seem to be on the same page but the xenon appears to focus further in than the lens says
as in 3.5 ft may be more like 3.7 ft. Rangefinder off a little?

Of the three I like the xenon best. Gives a weighty, rougher/grittier, rounded look. Sensual
Zuiko gives a lightweight, skinny, smooth feel to objects. Rather unromantic and indifferent

My Foth is pretty good at sharpness -atleast when get distance of subject correct- and low on contrast. I'm calling Foth sensual and "unsharp"
perhaps self-confident