Here are my steps:
1. D76 1:1 (per manufacturers instructions) find your film here:
2. Water for stop bath (fill the tank swish for 30 sec.'s then dump)
3. Fixer (I use Ilfords rapid fix)
4. Permawash 1:7 ratio
5. Final rinse in water (10-20 minutes)
6. 1 drop of dish washing soap in my Paterson tank. Fill with water, remove suds drop roll in tank, swish for 10 seconds then soak for 30 seconds.
7. Remove roll, open roll take off negatives, squeegee with fingers, clip (Kalt clips) hang in shower for 24 hours.

After 12 rolls of film so far no spots.

For supplies, I have 2 glass thermometers, 2 metal (came with kit from Ebay), 5 plastic meauring cups.

I measure everything out before I process my film, each cup is labelled ( I bought them from the $1 store).

I have one 1 liter beaker and one 4oz. shot glass (no not for the Capt Morgan's), I have 2 funnels, coffee filters (when I pour back my fix - I filter it through the coffee filters.

I have an 11x14 tray for my supplies.

I also have my wifes tupperware trays. I usually fill them with water and ice then place the measuring cups in there to bring down the temp if its too high. I will even add hot water if its too low.

Here are the sleeves I use for the negatives:

I think that's it for me...