Thanks for all the suggestions. I have just got back from my 5 days in Dublin (2 at a conference). On day 1 I was in Iveagh gardens taking my first few shots when the shutter jammed up on my Minolta MD camera. With no back-up (stupid I know but I wanted to travel light) that was it as far as photography was concerned, several rolls of HP5 would have to remain unexposed. However, I decided to take a 'toy camera' approach and bought a single use point and shoot plastic camera from a chemists shop and await the results from the lab with hope rather than expectation!

I did enjoy a big photo exhibition on the railings around St Stephens Green and got to see some analogue work. Were there any apugers exhibiting?

For the record I particularly enjoyed the Botanical Gardens and the old cemetary in Glasnevin where I was staying. Unfortunately the sun only got out whilst I was at the conference and when I was waiting for the airport bus on the Swords road!