Okay, so far the list looks like this:-

From the US:-

Bill Schwab
Ike Eisenlord
Thomas Bertilsson
Daniel Lin

From the UK:-

Bill Spears
Mark Burley
John Bragg
Steve Smith
Neil Souch
Travis Nunn

From Sweden:-

No Mennescio

Certainly no shortage of names in the UK! I will need someone to coordinate with in the UK though as this visit seems to be quite popular with folks there.

Next item to decide upon are the dates. So will need someone from the UK to let me know school holidays etc as I know you guys get way more of those throughout the year, but less summer time off than the US folks. Two I can think of are Whitsun (1 x week) Easter (2 x weeks).

Cheapest airfare for US travelers flying to the UK is usually from Jan 6th through May and I am leaning towards March/April time frame in 2010 for the trip. Anyone have any better suggestions for dates?