They come from two books:

La Pratique du Developpement by A.H. Cuisinier, Publications Photo-Cinema Paul Montel, Paris, 1966 (thirteenth edition)

Developpement Negatifs - Noir et Blanc by Jacques Prioleaud, Publications Photo-Cinema Paul Montel, Paris, 1980 (sixth edition)

Until writing this response forced me to look, I hadn't realized these were published by the same publisher. I bought both, I think, at a quasi-used book store in Brussels a few years ago.

Developer #1 has no name, is just said to be "an excellent compensating developer"

Developer #2 and #3 have no names in particular, are just sourced to Ilford. FYI, it's stated the the pH of #3 is 9.3.

I like these older books, especially the one from 1966. It's got a formula in it that includes potassium metabisulphite, hydroquinone, phenidone, sodium sulphite, ammonium chloride, boric acid, potassium bromide, acetone and benzotriazole. I think I'd have to by stock in Photographer's Formulary before I bought all that stuff!