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" Finish has been largely ignored in the posts here, and rightly so as it is arcane "

Just for the record: I for one have never said that I had any knowledge of Emulsion making, other than what I learned from you and a few others. All I said is that I was "practiced" and "Pracice" includes a bunch of failed attempts.
Joy anf Cheerio to All,

Whoa, there now Wildbill,

I feel a might responsable for this, uh confusion.
I could be always be wrong, but I surely think PE had other people in mind when he wrote that. Without a doubt!

Although it is not my place to say so, please don't take it personally, as it definately was not directed at you.

While PE did use the term arcane, he is just commenting on the fact that this method began a long time ago and things have become more automated.

I don't like it when someone "ages" my emulsions by saying the technology is decades old, and arcane does seem rather servere, but no one had you in mind when those sentences were downed.

Best Wishes