If anyone out there has or knows the Norman 202 pack--There are two settings--100 and 30. 100 splits the two outputs 100/100 W-s. On mine, the 30 setting seems to split them 60/30 W-s. In other words, output 1 is a stop brighter than output 2. Is that supposed to work that way, or is something wrong with my pack? I know they've made packs that were designed this way for easy portrait setups, but I wasn't sure about this one.

I use mine with two lights on a copy stand, so I need equal output from both lights, and rather low output at that. I've solved the problem by using a splitter and connecting both lights to the stronger output, but I'm still curious about how it should work.

An interesting thing that I've discovered, incidentally, is that an LH-2 head needs about 25 W-s to fire consistently. Below that they get unreliable, in that they don't fire every time, and they don't always fire with the same light output.