speedotron and norman use similar electronics on the power side, as do most studio flash generators. There are voltage doubler or tripler circuits to boost the charging voltage to the main capacitors.

Typically there is a pair of capacitors as the minimum per circuit- it is easier to increase the voltage in both positive and negative potentials simultaneously, rather than building a single ended capacitor bank.

Usually there is a whole bunch of main capacitors in larger units. My 2400ws has 12 pairs. The power switches usually bridge between different banks. For me 2 pairs are 400w/s, 4 are 800w/s, and 6 are 1200w/s. The switches combine the banks.

So in the case of the Norman, I suspect that one switch setting puts 100w/s across all sockets, and the other setting isolates the banks, so that one socket(s) gets 66 w/s and the second socket(s) get 33 w/s.

I have carefully (- I am an electrical engineer - I wouldn't recommned too many others to peel a flash generator apart) modified my unit to be able isolate the 1200 w/s bank, to allow me to put lesser amounts of power across the sockets without needing splitter cords.