OK everyone, it's about that time again.

For those of you who haven't participated in past print exchanges, this is a fun exchange. Exchanging prints at the local photo club is one thing, but potentially exchanging prints with people from all over the world can be not only fun, but a great learning experience. I have learned a lot from seeing other peoples' prints and the details on how they arrived at their final print.

Timeline for round #11:

Sign-up by September 30th

Mail prints by November 30th

Please reply to this thread that you would like to join.

Groups will consist of 4-5 photographers and you will send 1 print of your choice in any analog medium to each of the others in your group (so you mail 3-4 prints). They can be of any size and matted/unmatted is up to you. You can mail the same print to all individuals or different prints to everyone.

I will break the groups up after September 30th. As this is now round #11 you may/may not be stuck in a group with a photographer you have traded with in the past. If you've been in multiple trades with this person let me know, but if it has just been 1 then I will not be changing the group.

You do not need to PM me your address. Once I have split up the groups you will individually PM your address to the other members in the group. This cuts down on the work for me and also promotes communication within the groups.

IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED A PRINT[S] from exchange #10 SEND ME A PM and let me know who has not sent you a print.

If you have not sent your print from round 10, please send your prints to your group members before signing up for this round.