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How do I manually set the film speed for non-DX film on my Minolta 450 si ?
I bought the camera used, without a manual...
[color=black]The bad news, the 450si reads the film speed via the DN coding on the cassette only, the engineers neglected to add a manual setting on the camera. For film cassettes that don't have DX coding the camera assumes a film speed of 100 ISO. [/color][color=black]But don't let that stop you, I used to have the same issue with my Minolta 3xi when I started to use bulk film a non-DX coded cassettes. My 2 cent solution was to take a strip of aluminium duct tape (has to be conductive) cut to the size of a DX label and used small cut squares of electrical tape to mimic the DX label. Itís not a graceful solution (duct tape never is) but it works. [/color][color=black]If you go to Minolta's website you can download a PDF file of the 450si manual. I think this link will take you there http://kmpi.konicaminolta.us/eprise/.../max_450si.pdf [/color]

[color=black]WOW! I thought that I was the only Minolta user here! We are not alone ![/color]