So recently I have been using WD2D+ in addition to my favorite, Rodinal. After the first couple of rolls I developed and printed from I really liked this stuff, great tones. But now I have become more critical and noticed that there is a streak in the same place in a bunch of negs/prints using the WD2D+, but not the Rodinal. So since it's not happening with the Rodinal I can assume that it's not the lens or back that has a leak. I use the recommended 2 min pre-wash and use the 1:1:50 dilution, and I get the streaks. Other than the developer, everything is constant (lenses, backs, film, etc.) Does anybody know what I am doing wrong here?

You will see the streak in the top center of the 'sunflower' picture... but it's no where to be seen in the other one. Both of these shots were with the same 120 back, 90mm lens, APX100... the sunflower one was in WD2D+ 1:1:50 for 9:30 (I think, it's the recommended time plus 30 sec.) and the umbrella one was in Rodinal 1:50 for 17:30. Any ideas? Thanks for any and all help. -Grant