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Very cool Thane, thanks.

I'll see if I can outwit the chip...

Do you put the electical tape in the black spaces or the silver?
[color=black]Hey Joeyk49,[/color]

[color=black][color=black]Your right, just cut out small square pieces of electric tape (conversely masking, or clear tape would work, but I found electrical tape easier to work with) and place them over the sliver; sorry I was a bit vague. Clearly the trick is knowing what area to cover, long ago I had created a page full of diagram but naturally I can't find it right now. However a quick Google I found a website that I have to say is way better then what I drew up. [color=purple]http://www.bythom.com/dxcodes.htm[/color][/color]

[color=black]You need not worry about the exposure and latitude portions of the code, a quick check of both of my Minolta bodies’ shows that they only have one row of contacts (film speed). At the time I came up with my duct tape solution I only had 2 reloadable cassettes, but if you have more I think Noblebeast's idea is better, less time fiddling about and more time shooting film. [/color]