Mr Ramone- I wasn't aware that W2D2+ could be used with rollfilm. You may want to try rollo-pyro which has been formulated for tank development. Formulary carries it.Personally I've been having my own problems with W2D2+ Johm Wimberly claims that the negatives turn a brownish color-do yours? I've never seen it. I followed all the directions too (sheet film) Now I've used this stuff since the mid-nineties with no problem. Easy to make and stores indefinately. My primary concern was making dual negatives for silver and Platinum. Realistically I've only gotten mixed reviews and that would probably go for ALL the tanning developers. This in regard to them being ALL things to All people. I'd like to try Pyrocat-Hd but the threads claim it doesn't work that well for V.C. paper-PLEASE FOLKS DON'T CHIME IN THIS NOT ABOUT W2D2+ vs. PROCAT! iI find that wd2d2 will work better with graded paper but I use VC paper. Why is he recommending a stop bath? All it seems to do is strip away the
pyro mask. I even tried stand development with it the other day and got some really mixed results-none that were good. I really wish that John Wimberly would show up on this thread to clarify exactly what he had in mind when he re-formulated this stuff(?) Try Rollo-pyro!