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I've viewed a number of impressive photos who's creators proudly tout the wonders of Rodinol. Some contributors here are devoutly loyal to the stuff. I can't blame them. Once you find something that works well for your, you tend to stick with it...

So, please forgive my naivete, when I ask, "So what's the big deal?"
general purpose developers?
I've used for a number of years, primarily in my 35mm days, but I still develop LF negatives in it, too. Rodinal, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

1) Real sharp grain, not fine, but sharp.
2) Extrememly easy to mix and use
3) Really easy to vary dilutions for various film's contrast curves (slower films, more contrast, more dilution; faster films lower contrast less dilution)
4) Inexpensive
5) Lasts forever in it's concentrate form in the bottle. I must have some over 10 years old and it's still great.
6) Look at my gallery. All the night shots and the church interior are all Plus-X and Rodinal. I love the look of the negatives to this day. One of the rock abstracts is 5x7 EFKE ASA 25 film developed in Rodinal.

You really really can't go wrong using this developer.