I don't mind the dark-) Well the problem would be the fact I tend to use dilute developer with long times. If I went to stronger mix with less dilution I guess that would okay. My "darkroom" is actually the basement. With only three windows it's relatively easy to make it light tight. Cardboard cut to size fits the window openings. Over that goes heavy drapes. It's a fairly open space so any vapours drift off. The only problem is in the dark I've gotten lost once or twice. With houses on both sides the windows only get strong sun early morning. Of course it works even better at night. Well except for the night we had an unscheduled thunderstorm when I was about to take some paper out. You know I'd forgotten to block the windows that night. It won't be high volume. Just a few sheets [maxing out at four or maybe six I bet] when I feel like hauling the camera out.

How do you time in the dark? I've got a red alarm clock would I risk fogging if I set that up across the room? With the limations of the cameras I'm looking at I won't be using anything faster then 100 ISO most of the time.