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I just went from an M2 to a IIIc! Looking forward to the results from it.
So you did it! Wow!

I shoot with a IIIC and a IIF, both are fantastic. My kit includes a 25mm f2.5 Voigtlander Color Skopar - small, sharp, beautiful. I use it without a supplementary finder, visualizing the frame. Also a recoated 50mm f2.0collapsible Summicron, a 50mm f2.0 collapsible Summitar, a 135mm Hektor, and a Visoflex I macro system. I do have a Leitz brightline finder for the 50mm lenses and a turret finder for the Hektor that can also be used with the other lenses (although it's a bit cloudy). For easy, fast shooting I pack the Color Skopar, For more deliberate work either of the 50's. The Hektor I seldom use, but they are good, plentiful, cheap lenses, and the lens head is great for macro, used with the Visoflex.

A: Did you sell the M2?