Hi Gregg,

This is my first post on APUG. I have been lurking in the background, but not contributing. I have the same camera that you have. The serial number is 1711574 and it is in mint condition. I had it serviced by a Rollei expert to insure that it will perform flawlessly. Old grease and lubricants tend to gum up when cameras are not used. My model also has the Xenar 75mm lens. I have the camera's original manual and Rollei's "The Practical Accessories" guide from the same year. I got the following information from it for the 75mm lens with a Rolleinar 1 lens set. The effective focal length becomes 71mm and the focusing range in inches is 17.75 to 39.5. I believe Helen B. made a slight, but honest mistake in her information for the 80mm lens effective focal length when using a Rolleinar 1. My "Practical Accessories" guide states that the effective focal length is 76mm not 72mm. When using a Rolleinar 2 the effective focal length for a 80mm lens is 72mm. By the way, Helen's answers on APUG are awesome. I am very impressed with her knowledge and dedication. With a Rolleinar 2 and 75mm lens the focusing range is 12.125 to 19.75 inches and the effective focal length is 68mm. With a Rolleinar 2 and 80mm lens the focusing range is 12.5 to 19.75 inches. The camera model you have is a MX-EVS (Type 2) model and Helen is correct on the years. Hope this helps.