I'm not planning to take anything apart. I just want to know if it's doing what it's supposed to be doing. I can also e-mail Norman, if no one here happens to know. I have other Norman packs, so I know how they work in general, combining the output of multiple capacitors or distributing the output among multiple heads.

The total output of a 202 pack is 200 W-s, and I can measure the relative flash output with a flash meter, so the 100 setting is like 100+100, where I can get 200 W-s through one head plugged into one output with the other one empty, or 100 W-s through each of two heads by plugging one head into each socket (or two into one socket with a splitter).

An interesting aside is that one head is more efficient than two. I can get about 1/3 stop more light from one head at 200 W-s than from two heads at 100 W-s each, though of course two heads at lower power give a shorter flash duration, if that's useful. I haven't tested this with my other strobe units, I suppose because I don't usually need to worry about getting 1/3 stop more power, but next time I do need lots of power from my big studio strobes, I'll check.

The "30" setting seems to be 66/33 as Mike suggests, but my question for anyone who actually knows this pack is whether it should be that way (and I could see why it might be), or should I have it checked out.