Thanks for that piece of information about Brilliant and Bergger. I will definitly give it a try. There was a time back in the late 70's when there was fear of all fiber based b&w paper going RC. I remember Picker horded a paper called Ilfomar. He sold Ilfobrom for years which I bought plenty of.

Today that fear of all RC paper being replaced with the fear of all digital. Now there are many different choices of fiber based b&w papers to choose from as well as b&w film. Now Kodak putting their new b&w film factory into full production. I would not be surprised to see Kodak come out with more paper to go with their film. Fuji now looks to be trying to take on Big yellow in b&w as they did with color. The way I see it, the traditional b&w process is going to around for some time to come.