Thanks. The concept looks good -- I set it it up on my Win2K machine and everything seems to go through the motions, but the files aren't touched, I suppose it could be some path related thing (I have a lot of stuff on this machine) -- or I scared the bejeebers out of it trying to set a 1966 date in a scan of some old negs! Any idea if your interface needs something from XP or later?

In tracking down Phil Harvey's program, I found another GUI for it that I did get to work, and which allows twiddling more details, but yours would appear to be a much handier way to batch the basic stuff (if I could make it play).

At any rate thanks for offering the fruits of your labor. It inspired me to take a new look at this after giving up a couple of years back. PBase, where I keep a bunch of stuff, is pretty EXIF aware and I've always been weirdly intrigued by the idea of having "Voigtländer Perkeo II" or similar pop out of a "digital" file.