Most Nikorr lenses work with all cameras. They haven;t changed the mount in decades.
If you get manual focus lenses AI/AIS will be the most common and work with all the manul focud bodies and with most of the AF bodies
Auto focus lenses will work with the manual bodies as long as they have the focusing and aperture rings.

I have only pentax screw mount bodies, with takumar lenses, a few Fujinons, Yashinons, and Sears/JCPenney/KMart brand leses. Beware of the T-mount lenses, you'll need an adaptor.

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Nikon is out simply because figuring out which lenses and which accessories work with which bodies seemed to confusing for me. I tend to stick with that which is nearly self explanitory. Which is why I bought a Maxxum as my first SLR - Maxxum lenses for Maxxum cameras. It's cut and dry - I can't goof and get something that won't work.

Even the Pentax K-mounts are confusing for me, but I've found it's not so bad that I can't live with it.