Actually, Ken has my older No. 1 Panoram at this time, but I normally can't afford to have others work on my cameras except on rare occasions . . . I'm just a guy working for the county doing admin & paperwork for the recycling center which isn't a high paying job. That's why I feel the need to learn how to maintain my Panorams. As it is, I haven't a clue what type of money I have committed myself to pay, but $300 scares the Hell out of me!

Dang it, I really need to learn how to get the mechanism out of these Panorams to work on them myself. Certainly they can't be any more difficult to rebuild than LF shutters, like Compurs, Copals, etc., and I maintain all my LF gear myself. Just looking at the patent drawings, the Panoram mechanism appears very simple, but those drawings don't show how to get it out of the camera without disassembling the wooden body.